Statement on Safety

Safety for our employees is a prime concern of this company.

However, I want to take this opportunity to reaffirm my belief in a strong safety program which we will continue to create and thus continue to provide a safe place for all employees to work.

It is the policy of this company to provide a healthy and safe place of employment for all employees and for the public in all of this company’s operations, and to abide by all safety regulations as they pertain to our industry.  Safety will take precedence in all operations.  Every attempt will be made to provide equipment and create conditions that will make a safe work place.  We will provide safety education for our employees.  Subcontractors will be expected to abide by the provisions of this policy.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Safety requires a team effort in order to succeed.  All employees of Fairfield Contractors, Inc. are required to maintain a safe workplace.  For us to be successful and meet our objectives, all employees must actively support and participate in our safety program. 

Along with other responsibilities, safety consciousness must always exist in your thinking and planning.  Because of this obligation, you must not only prevent obvious unsafe acts on the part of those you work with, but you must anticipate potential hazards.  

I hope you will share my concern for providing a safe place in which to work, because to make a safety program effective all of us must work together.  Help yourself and your co-workers to be aware of and practice safe work habits.

Paul D. Kirkpatrick, President
Fairfield Contractors, Inc.